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Sizhou head "nesting feng" endow industry strong town

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Yesterday, sizhou town industrial cluster area ii foundation (see photo), and held the zhejiang bojun environmental protection technology co., LTD. Commencement ceremony. "After bojun environmental protection technology is put into production, it is expected to become an enterprise with an output value of more than 100 million yuan, which has the demonstration driving significance for sizhoutou to implement the strategy of industrial strong town and promote high-quality development." The town official said.


In recent years, sizhoutou town has deeply promoted the strategy of industrial strong town, with improving quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading as the core, and made every effort to strengthen service, attract investment, expand the total volume, and make breakthroughs. On the basis of the comprehensive completion of the first phase of the 60-mu industrial agglomeration zone, we will actively promote the application for approval of the second phase of the 30-mu land in the industrial agglomeration zone, give full play to the new advantages of transportation location and ecological environment, and attract industrial projects with all our efforts by means of business introduction and business introduction and enterprises introduction, so as to inject new impetus into the economic development of the town.


Especially this year, sizhoutou town insisted on the "three services" activities as the starting point, in-depth demand, service delivery, solution, to speed up the implementation of new projects. We will implement the list of rights and responsibilities system, deepen and improve the system of leading enterprises, follow up the service actively according to the one-stop service process, conduct whole-process tracking service for investment attraction projects and key investment projects, and complete all procedures together with the "threshold".


"From the site selection of the factory to the delisting of the land, we felt the real service and efficiency of the local government in a short time." Bojun environmental protection technology company said that the company is mainly engaged in large centrifugal sludge drying machine and other environmental protection equipment r & d manufacturing, the product market potential is large, is expected to be put into production in June 2020, strive for 2021 output value of more than 100 million yuan. It is understood that sizhoutou town has more than 40 industrial enterprises, of which 14 are above the scale. To help enterprises solve practical difficulties and problems, the town set up "enterprise deputy" service team, by conducting seminars, research methods such as in-depth enterprise, comprehensively carding enterprise in policy support, talent introduction, examination and approval, complete infrastructure, financing guarantee, ease the burden of demand, the hierarchical coordination, union cadre to take the initiative to send policy to send service enterprises, in view of the key enterprises, major project implementation of the "one to one" support.

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